Fran Lewis Review

If you love crime novels set along the coast of Southern California, you’ll love South on Pacific Coast Highway. Think Chandler and Hammett and the great noir films from the thirties and forties. Sultry dames and unsolved murders, bad cops and even badder criminals. A crisp but measured pace, with the desert wind for a backdrop…
Or perhaps you’d like to read about Americans incarcerated in Mexican prisons during the sixties. My fact based, crime fiction novel, The Trip Into Milky Way, captures unforgettably those wild years, from the early days, when we were just kids growing up and were still young and foolish enough to believe there was magic in this world and the great counterculture adventure waited ahead of us…



“Author Gary Paul Corcoran and his quick-witted, daring and charmingly off the cuff PI, Michael Devlin keep this fast paced, suspense filled murder/mystery racing to beat the clock. Four dead bodies.

One cheating wife. One wrongly accused friend and a billionaire whose name turns up every rotten place Michael looks. A great author, a spell binding novel and one must read! The first of which promises to be a series of good murder mystery books, and Coast Highway is that and much more. We can only hope that Mr. Corcoran is planning to bring Michael Devlin back again soon!”

~ Fran Lewis: Just Reviews/, talk show host, educator and
author of Faces Behind the Stones, among other fine books.

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