Kate’s Hanging

Excerpt three from my young chick novel in progress, When Men Become Civilized

All that next day, my brain was operating on a binary level, one moment reliving the previous night’s ecstasies, the next moment, searching around for a more advanced trainee. When Kirk, a guy over in design passed by my cubicle and smiled sweetly in a nonsexual way, my radar unexpectedly locked in on him. He certainly set off all the right bells: trim, introspective, reminiscent of President Kennedy sailing at Hyannis Port with his dark hair, perpetual three day beard and long rolled up sleeves.

But not in the office, damn it. That had to remain a cardinal rule.

Aware that I was daydreaming, I focused back on my work. If Pickney caught me time traveling again, I’d be out of a job.

Sigh. Big sigh. Whoever the recipient of my next lesson turned out to be, Ben was definitely out. He was a good fuck but that was the extent of his usefulness. I had no interest in civilizing a Neanderthal.

The rest of the day went by with me dreaming about Kirk as a candidate.

On my way home, I tried calling Kate but she did not respond. She had been leaving me messages since early morning.


Sorry about last night. You’re not really a bitch. Come by for a glass of wine. Please???!!! You’re still my best friend.


Still my best friend, I mimicked. Yeah right.

Feeling frazzled from the day at work and in need of some serious endorphins, I headed for the gym.

By the time I yanked the door open, my mind was scrambling in a tsunami of dread. Ben would be there. Ben would want to get schmoozy.

That should have been another one of my cardinal rules. Never fuck anyone from the gym.

Not to be disappointed, Ben was there and wasted no time in cozying up to me. Oh yeah, we’re an item. I wanted to scream. I did my best to make his amorous embrace look like a friendly hug and whispered in his ear.

“Not here, please.”

He grinned and raised his eyebrows a couple of times. Yeah, baby. It’s our secret.

I wanted to throw up.

“I’ll talk to you later,” I whispered and went to get my workout.

As I had feared, Ben hung around, waiting for me. The minute he was distracted, I made a dash for the door.

“Good night,” Ann said from behind the desk.

I gave her a pained smile and hurried outside, hoping I hadn’t been seen. I had and heard the door open behind me.

“Hey, girl,” Ben said on my heels. “Where’re you going so fast?”

I wheeled around.

“Ben. We agreed to a mutually beneficial fuck. We did that. It was great. Thanks. Now we’re done. I wasn’t looking for a boyfriend. Or an encore.”

“Wow, what’s with you? I mean, like that was the best fuck I ever had. Why wouldn’t you want to have a bit more of it?”

“I…don’t. That’s all. It was good. Thanks, but that’s it.”

I started to leave and turned back.

“And please respect my wishes. I do not want to be the talk of the gym. All right?”

“Wow, whatever. I can’t even believe you’re the same bitch I made love to last night.”

I turned to slap Ben but stopped myself. He had flinched.

“Just respect my wishes. That’s all I ask.”

I stared intently for a moment and left.

Fuming over the encounter and in need of some moral support, I headed for Kate’s place, deciding to take her up on that glass of wine.

When I knocked, no one answered. Hmm. All the lights were on. Assuming she was in the shower, I let myself in.

“Kate?” I said at the door.

No answered. Some sort of heavy metal/gothic music was emanating from her bedroom. I closed the front door and started that way.

Thinking I heard muffled screams, I rushed to open her bedroom door and gasped.

“Oh god. Oh god. I’m so sorry.”

Somehow Brent and Kate had fastened a metal bracket to the ceiling and Kate was suspended from it with ropes. The ropes were wrapped around her torso several times and tied with Kate’s hands behind her back. Otherwise, she was completely naked, save for a pair of six inch platform stilettoes and a red ball strapped into her mouth. Kate was suspended in such a way that the stilettoes were just barely touching the floor.

Meanwhile, Darryl had a ten inch black dildo strapped to his waist and was simultaneously fucking Kate in the ass with that and fucking her in the cunt with his own cock. He was also naked save for a black mask and a whip.

I looked back at Kate, in shock. She was screaming emphatically at me through the red ball. Even though her words were unintelligible, I got the gist.

Get the fuck out of here!

“I’m sorry,” I said again and quickly backed out the door.

Jesus. Still in shock, and doubting there was a sufficient stock of wine back at the house to wash those images out of my mind, I stopped at the package store on my way home.

I was into my second bottle of wine but the horror of what I had just witnessed was still haunting me. Why would you need to do that to yourself to get off? I was baffled.

I remembered seeing an interview with some members of the BDSM crowd online, their main assertion being, everyone’s just like us. The only difference is, we’ve come out of the closet.


I don’t think so.

All I needed was someone physically attractive to me, and a bit of tenderness.

I went to sleep, still shuddering over the images. Darryl with his big black dick and black mask and Kate with the red ball in her mouth.

Did I simply lack imagination?

Whatever it was, count me out.

I had probably lost a friend. I doubted that Kate and I could ever look each other in the eye again without being embarrassed. I knew I could never look at her again without seeing those images.

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