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An Afternoon At Sal’s Place

An excerpt from my novel in progress, Love In A Dying World Determined to do something good in this world before I left it, I called and arranged a meeting with Wickerman. When I arrived at his place an hour later, the storm had finally broken. A wonderfully jig saw puzzle sort of day was unfolding along the coast. “Right on,” Wickerman said when I explained about Benjamin and what his band of protestors had planned. Wickerman’s squinty eyes were sparkling. I never mentioned that Read More +


Excerpt from my novel in progress….Lover Boy Omaha Beach It is morning, and I am seated on the balcony outside, gazing past the rolling white sand dunes to where lines of surf break down the coast for miles and miles. On the shore nearby, sanderlings scurry hurriedly along, their movements wonderfully synchronized and ballet like. Pitter patter, pitter patter. Stop to probe and eat, then scurry off on their little feet again. We are wonderfully magnificent at times in our self-will, but it seems to Read More +