Storm Cloud Rising

Storm Cloud Rising 5 Chapters

Storm Cloud Rising

If you’re looking for novels about special forces and 9/11, look no further.

Based around actual events, Storm Cloud Rising follows the efforts of three dedicated Special Operations soldiers battling through a growing web of lies on the part of their superiors.

Developed to work deep undercover, their mission was to find four terrorists operating on American soil who were partly responsible for 9/11 and prepare to bring them to justice, only to receive orders, eliminate without delay.

The Storm Cloud team had in their hands a cell of ruthless professionals who held in their hearts the darkest secrets about 9/11. Incredibly no one at the top was interested in interrogating them, but the men of Storm Cloud wanted answers, and the answers they uncovered brought them face to face with an alarming truth. Storm Cloud Rising is both a heart wrenching account of how these three dedicated young soldiers sacrificed everything trying to expose the truth, and a cautionary tale of political power showing the lengths to which a government will go to keep its secrets hidden from the light of day.

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