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Storm Cloud Rising

There’s an old friend of mine, I won’t mention his name here, but he teaches physics at a well recognized college in California and for years after 9/11 I would receive his many conspiracy theory blogs with a wary look. Something about ‘mass being unable to pass through resistance at a rate of free fall’. Unless of course explosives were involved. He had videos with stop frames posted all over the internet, showing that the Twin Towers had fallen at a rate of free fall, Read More +

Storm Cloud Rising-Five Chapter Sample

Prologue Some special operations missions went as smoothly as you saw them in the movies. Some did not and Ryan Weston was one man who could testify to that fact. He had seen his share of action flicks. He had lived his share of actual SF operations. Sometimes they went according to plan. Most of the time they did not. Like that time he and a handful of fellow Green Berets from the 5th Special Forces Group were dropped into Bosnia on a snatch and Read More +

Storm Cloud Rising

If you’re looking for novels about special forces and 9/11, look no further. Based around actual events, Storm Cloud Rising follows the efforts of three dedicated Special Operations soldiers battling through a growing web of lies on the part of their superiors. Developed to work deep undercover, their mission was to find four terrorists operating on American soil who were partly responsible for 9/11 and prepare to bring them to justice, only to receive orders, eliminate without delay. The Storm Cloud team had in their Read More +