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The Tribe-Rolling Stone Interview

From The Tribe, a soon to be published novel…   At a quarter to three, my phone rang. It was Jenner Doyle, down at the highway with his photographer and wanting final directions. “Drive straight up until you see a large meadow and gravel parking area. I’ll be waiting for you there.” A few minutes later, the car appeared out of the forest. I climbed out of the golf cart to greet them. “Jenner Doyle,” he said with a shake of my hand. “This is Read More +

An Afternoon At Sal’s Place

An excerpt from my novel in progress, Love In A Dying World Determined to do something good in this world before I left it, I called and arranged a meeting with Wickerman. When I arrived at his place an hour later, the storm had finally broken. A wonderfully jig saw puzzle sort of day was unfolding along the coast. “Right on,” Wickerman said when I explained about Benjamin and what his band of protestors had planned. Wickerman’s squinty eyes were sparkling. I never mentioned that Read More +

Purgatory Origins: Powers of Darkness-Five Chapter Sample

One On a raw and stormy night at Juvincourt Airfield in northern France, hard up against the barren fields of Picardy, a number of Nazi airmen were hard at work, preparing a Heinkel He 177 bomber for flight. Lined up around the massive plane, a few dozen well-armed SS soldiers were standing guard and doing their best to stay warm and dry in the driving rain. The storm had blown up with gale force winds over the North Sea earlier that afternoon and had then Read More +

The Last Love of Eleanor Sands-Five Chapter Sample

One It was spring, 1965 and one of those glorious days in Southern California, when a dry wind blows out from the desert and the sky is china blue and eternity seems to be right there, just beyond your reach. My father was busy backing his Rambler station wagon out of our garage. My mother, my older sister Rose and I were standing out in the driveway, waiting for him to clear the garage door, each of us washed, starched and perfumed in varying degrees. Read More +

The Tribe-Chapter One

From a novel in progress…   One It had turned out to be one of those days along the far northern California coast—damp and dreary with a steady drizzle falling and a thick gray sky hugging down closely to the forested hills. If you have ever been up to that part of the country, you know what I mean. There are days when it rains in buckets and the air is scrubbed clean and it seems as if all that is defiled in this world Read More +

I’m Already in Bondage, Thank You

Excerpt one from my young chick novel in progress, When Men Become Civilized   My girlfriend Kate kept going on and on about that book. And now the movie too. She wanted to get a dungeon or something. “Kate, that is so stupid.” “Why? Brett’s into it. Everybody’s into it these days.” I screamed. “No, I’m not into it.” Kate shrugged. “So, what about you?! What do you want?!” “I’m just curious, okay?” Kate was glued to a rerun of 2 Broke Girls and getting Read More +

If Not Yet Civilized

Excerpt two from my young chick novel in progress, When Men Become Civilized   Unable to sleep, I propped myself up in bed with my I-pad and typed in a search.   How to get away with murder.   Well, maybe it would be best if I didn’t go down that road. No way to tell if someone was watching, but probably. I tried the phrase ‘empowering women’ instead and oddly enough, this quote by Gertrude Stein came up.   “If a man is not Read More +

Kate’s Hanging

Excerpt three from my young chick novel in progress, When Men Become Civilized All that next day, my brain was operating on a binary level, one moment reliving the previous night’s ecstasies, the next moment, searching around for a more advanced trainee. When Kirk, a guy over in design passed by my cubicle and smiled sweetly in a nonsexual way, my radar unexpectedly locked in on him. He certainly set off all the right bells: trim, introspective, reminiscent of President Kennedy sailing at Hyannis Port Read More +

The Close Of The Renaissance

  In the winter of that year, I fell into a whirlwind romance with this Irish-Italian gal named Gina. With her long black hair and dark eyes, she would have struck you as being Italian, long before the Irish ever came to mind. With her temper, she could have been either one. I can’t say it was love at first sight. The night we met in a bar, she came off as being somewhat frumpy to me —a bit overweight and dressed like she was Read More +


Excerpt from my novel in progress….Lover Boy Omaha Beach It is morning, and I am seated on the balcony outside, gazing past the rolling white sand dunes to where lines of surf break down the coast for miles and miles. On the shore nearby, sanderlings scurry hurriedly along, their movements wonderfully synchronized and ballet like. Pitter patter, pitter patter. Stop to probe and eat, then scurry off on their little feet again. We are wonderfully magnificent at times in our self-will, but it seems to Read More +