The Big Launch

If you love crime novels set along the coast of Southern California, you’ll love South on Pacific Coast Highway. Think Chandler and Hammett and the great noir films from the thirties and forties. Sultry dames and unsolved murders, bad cops and even badder criminals. A crisp but measured pace, with the desert wind for a backdrop…
Or perhaps you’d like to read about Americans incarcerated in Mexican prisons during the sixties. My fact based, crime fiction novel, The Trip Into Milky Way, captures unforgettably those wild years, from the early days, when we were just kids growing up and were still young and foolish enough to believe there was magic in this world and the great counterculture adventure waited ahead of us…


So, I should start with saying, halleluiah, holy Jesus, thank god, the novel is finally out of my hands. I don’t dare go back and look at the damned thing. I know I’ll only start tinkering again. When it comes to my work, not even perfect is good enough for me.

And did I tell you how vulnerable and naked to the world I feel? Who knows if anyone cares. Hell, even if they do, I’m already feeling empty and lost. For parts of four years, this novel has been my ever present companion, a private world where I could escape with all my troubles, an alternate reality in which I could attempt to resolve things that seemingly have no resolution in the what we call the “real world.”

Did I tell I was beginning to wonder which world is real and which one is illusory…

I saw Fellini’s autobiographical film, I Am A Born Liar, the other night and there’s a moment where he acknowledges his creations represent little more than a personal fantasy world, but it is a world of which he is fiercely protective. I get it. Strip away my façade and there is little left but an inner mythology. I would probably be an empty shell without it. I think it’s mostly what makes me human. My only freedom is to admit that I’m full of fantasies. What most people would call bullshit. I can only hope, as it applies to my novel, they will call it art. The strange thing is, for all the so called make believe involved, I listen to my characters at times and think, wow, they’re the most honest people I know.

Accordingly, I’ve already embarked on a new novel, and how wonderful it feels to start bullshitting all over again!

For what it’s worth, I have two more novels ready for publication and will be posting excerpts from them in the days and weeks to come. I will also be keeping a log of the torturous experience of marketing myself, so please check back to watch me squirm.

I would rather write than do anything in this world, but there’s the rub. If I never market my work, no one will be listening and I won’t be able to go on writing, except from a cardboard box!

So, here I go, schmoozing away…

Hey, if I’m hearing something more than crickets out there, how wonderful of you to stop. I’ll keep posting blogs and free stories for you to read as time goes by, so here’s hoping you’ll come back to say hello real soon…



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