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The Taliban are racing across Afghanistan with blitzkrieg speed. City after city has fallen before them and what had been unthinkable but two weeks earlier now seems inevitable. Kabul will soon fall and America’s 20 year experiment in nation building will have come to an inglorious and humiliating end.

Thus begins Afghan’s Lipstick Warriors: Darkness Falls, due to be published in December, 2021.

In this sprawling new saga, a special envoy to the American president is rushing here and there, desperately attempting to drag the Taliban back to the negotiating table, even as the Afghan Army continues to collapse and thousands of Afghanis seek refuge across the Tajikistan and Turkmenistan borders, triggering a humanitarian crisis. By the time Kabul falls, the Lipstick Warriors have joined the remaining elements of the Northern Alliance in the Panjshir Valley with Saarah Khalil, a main protagonist in the original saga, now missing from a rescue mission and presumed to be dead. In fact, the Taliban have placed a bounty on the head of every Lipstick Warrior, leaving them at great risk, and a great risk to all those around them.

Meanwhile, CIA agent Clayton Dorn is shuttling back and forth between the Panjshir Valley and Tajikistan, the one border country that is secular, and where Clayton hopes to establish a safe haven for the growing resistance. The problem is, Tajikistan’s strongman leader, fearing Taliban reprisals, has refused the use of his territory. It is left to Ariya, the Kurdish rebel and founding member of the Lipstick Warriors, to employ all her beauty and charms, as well as her past relationship with the president, in order to gain his support.

With the international community having abandoned Afghanistan to the Taliban, hope springs anew and the resistance grows daily. But will this burgeoning struggle for freedom succeed? Or lead to failure and bondage? The denouement of Afghan’s Lipstick Warriors: Darkness Falls, like the fate of Afghanistan itself, remains unknown at this hour, but the novel promises to be another heartfelt and rousing adventure.