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Afghan’s Lipstick Warriors: Darkness Falls is the continuing saga of our lady rebels from First Chronicle, taking the reader on a rollercoaster ride of love, war and international intrigue, with the stunning collapse of the Afghan Army in early August, 2021 as the harrowing backdrop.

In the opening scenes, Clayton Dorn, the CIA operative and protagonist from the first saga, finds his efforts to save Afghanistan hamstrung by an administration that is at once bombing the hell out of the Taliban, attempting to negotiate a peace settlement with them and secretly backing its way out the door. When Clayton learns that Saarah Khalil, his love interest from the original Lipstick Warriors, has been captured by a Taliban warlord, he and his team of maverick CIA operatives once again go completely off the reservation in an attempt to rescue her. From the high valleys of the Hindu Kush to the barren red desert plains of Herat, they crisscross Afghanistan, teaming up with various allies, capturing Taliban leaders and suffering no silence in their efforts to find Saarah and free her from bondage.

By the time Clayton is ready to launch his rescue op, he is on the wrong side of everyone, from the president of the United States on down to his own CIA chief, and with only clue to guide him, what a lowly Afghan kid has told Clayton of Saarah’s possible whereabouts. With Kabul surrounded, the American government rushing for the exits and one secret bargaining chip in his back pocket ─ a supreme Taliban religious leader being held by the Northern Alliance ─ Clayton and his fellow operators team up with what’s left of the Lipstick Warriors on a life and death mission to save Saarah

If you enjoy sweeping adventures with rogue warriors and colorful characters, look no further than Afghan’s Lipstick Warriors: Darkness Falls, a tale that will keep you riveted until the very last page is turned.

A fantastic read. Corcoran and Williams have created an indelible portrait of the warrior experience in Afghanistan. From the absurd to the tragic, from the comic and to the just plain dumb ass things soldiers do to keep from going mad amidst the crucible of war, the adventures herein are all too real for those of us who did our time in country. An important book, if for no other reason than to remind us of how long and hard we fought for the freedom of the Afghan people, only to have it blown away with the wind.

Command Sergeant Major Joe Hill, Retired


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