Storm Cloud Rising

There’s an old friend of mine, I won’t mention his name here, but he teaches physics at a well recognized college in California and for years after 9/11 I would receive his many conspiracy theory blogs with a wary look. Something about ‘mass being unable to pass through resistance at a rate of free fall’. Unless of course explosives were involved. He had videos with stop frames posted all over the internet, showing that the Twin Towers had fallen at a rate of free fall, Read More +

The Tribe – Five Chapters

One It had turned out to be one of those days along the far northern California coast—cold, damp and dreary with a steady drizzle falling and the low gray clouds woven in among the forested hills. If you have ever been up in that neck of the woods, you know what I mean. There are times when it rains hard for days on end, but when the storm finally breaks the sky is scrubbed clean and the whole world feels brand new. Then there are Read More +

The Autumn of our Discontent

My flight swooped in over the San Gabriel Mts. at a little past four that afternoon. We glided over the flat LA basin, kissed the tops of the high rise buildings bordering the 405 and dropped into John Wayne Airport. The whole area was in the middle of a heat wave. Ninety degrees in the middle of October. As dry as a bone and as dangerous as a tinderbox. Christ. It was turning into the Kalahari Desert. And you tell me there’s no such thing Read More +

The Tribe-Rolling Stone Interview

From The Tribe, a soon to be published novel…   At a quarter to three, my phone rang. It was Jenner Doyle, down at the highway with his photographer and wanting final directions. “Drive straight up until you see a large meadow and gravel parking area. I’ll be waiting for you there.” A few minutes later, the car appeared out of the forest. I climbed out of the golf cart to greet them. “Jenner Doyle,” he said with a shake of my hand. “This is Read More +

A Drive Down Into Baja

As a final thought before heading out the door the next morning, I changed the message on my phone. If you want to know where I am, it’s down in Baja. Look for a trailer along the sea. It’s about 200 miles south of the border I climbed into my old red and white pickup and headed south in the early light. The traffic was not yet heavy at that hour. Just a few souls heading into Laurel Lagoon on their way to work. Half Read More +

An Afternoon At Sal’s Place

An excerpt from my novel in progress, Love In A Dying World Determined to do something good in this world before I left it, I called and arranged a meeting with Wickerman. When I arrived at his place an hour later, the storm had finally broken. A wonderfully jig saw puzzle sort of day was unfolding along the coast. “Right on,” Wickerman said when I explained about Benjamin and what his band of protestors had planned. Wickerman’s squinty eyes were sparkling. I never mentioned that Read More +

It’s Always Christmastime In Cratchitville-Two Chapter Sample

One The town of Pleasant Hollow was nestled in a lovely valley, surrounded all around closely by hills and Smokey Mountain, such that it seemed to exist in a little fairy-tale world all its own. Grand old homes climbed steep streets, every rooftop was laden heavily with snow in the frosty air and the lights of the many lodges and chalets twinkled high up on Smokey Mountain’s summit. Even deep within the dark forest of pines girding the mountain’s flank you could see the Christmas Read More +

Storm Cloud Rising-Five Chapter Sample

Prologue Some special operations missions went as smoothly as you saw them in the movies. Some did not and Ryan Weston was one man who could testify to that fact. He had seen his share of action flicks. He had lived his share of actual SF operations. Sometimes they went according to plan. Most of the time they did not. Like that time he and a handful of fellow Green Berets from the 5th Special Forces Group were dropped into Bosnia on a snatch and Read More +

Purgatory Origins: Powers of Darkness-Five Chapter Sample

One On a raw and stormy night at Juvincourt Airfield in northern France, hard up against the barren fields of Picardy, a number of Nazi airmen were hard at work, preparing a Heinkel He 177 bomber for flight. Lined up around the massive plane, a few dozen well-armed SS soldiers were standing guard and doing their best to stay warm and dry in the driving rain. The storm had blown up with gale force winds over the North Sea earlier that afternoon and had then Read More +

The Trip Into the Milky Way-Five Chapter Sample

One Eric and I stood side by side on the sidewalk that frosty, harvest evening, watching Chris march up the darkened street of old Craftsman homes alone. Sycamores towered over us and him and the entire block, their crooked old limbs mostly barren of leaves in late autumn. “He looks like a Roman legion,” I said of Chris. Eric chuckled with his hands in his pockets. “He does, doesn’t he? Like Marc Anthony, off to conquer Gaul. All that sucker needs is a sword and Read More +